Thursday, May 29, 2008

Questions and Answers

We thought it would be nice to address some Questions and Answers here on the blog. Most of you might have some of the same questions or you just might learn something new about our product and company. If your particular question isn't answered just leave a comment and we'll add it to the next Q&A session.

  1. Do you sell wholesale? Yes, we do and you may set up a wholesale account online through our web site or you can call customer service at 866-405-6414

  2. Sometimes my letters won't give me a crisp impression when using the wooden block. Any tips? It is fairly common for rubber stamps (from any company) to sometimes have a bit of silicone residue on them after the manufacturing process. This residue can also cause the ink to bead up and not give a good crisp impression. 1) Use the end of a pencil eraser and gently rub across the rubber. 2) Use a fine grit sanding block and lightly sand the rubber image. Both of these techniques will help remove the residue and give the rubber a little "tooth" to grab the ink and give you a good impression. You should be using regular dye based ink such as the SU water based dye ink. Click here for more FAQ's on the Monogram Stamper.

  3. Are you looking for Designers? How can I get my samples into your Google Reader JustRite Shared Items? At this time we are currently working with some Designers and we are in the process of making Guest Designer arrangements for June and July. In the future, when we are looking for new talents we will put out a Guest Designer call on the blog. If you would like to share a link to any of your current JustRite projects leave a comment with a link and it will be added to our Google Reader JustRite Shared Items.

  4. While using the Large Monogram Stamper (also known as the C-45) I tried stamping hard, loose, holding it down, not holding down, changing frames and so on. Not good. Have you any user tips to give me? First, please refer to question number 2 and make sure there is no residue on the rubber. Next is to make sure you are stamping on a smooth level surface. This might sound strange but you might need to stand up and apply even pressure and ensure that you are not accidentally wobbling the stamper. You might also want to consider a stamp mat under your project. Finally, make sure that your ink pad is inked well. The ink pad does come pre-inked however, occasionally during the shipping process things get bumped around and it might have gotten lose and caused it to dry out. Please click here for directions on how to re-ink the stamp pad.

Thanks for the questions and feel free to email them directly to .

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Anonymous said...

I love this paper weight, would you please tell me where to purchase the paper weight and how you affixed the monogram to it? Thank you in advance.

Kathy Billings