Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Started with JustRite Stamps- What should I buy first?

I get questions everyday- because people want to make their first JustRite Purchase but they just don't know where to start. So this week I thought I would try to address some of those questions so that those of you who haven't purchased yet will take the plunge and join in the fun.
First I thought I'd start by sharing this fun card from Barb Schram. If you haven't visited Barb's blog yet it is a must see. Barb uses our stamps on most of her projects and personalizes many of her projects which she designs for gifts.
I think of our stamps as tools not stamps because they were designed to be used everyday in conjunction with your favorite stamps. We are all looking for ways to save money and JustRite Stamps will help you do just that. It is the Perfect "Design –it Yourself" stamping system. JustRite's® unique wood stampers with an interlocking ribbed grid surface allows you to design your own stamps. Choose from a selection of interchangeable fonts, borders and centers. Each stamp design has a matching interlocking grid which securely locks into place in the grid system on the wooden block. This interlocking system ensures precision stamping. Fonts and geometric borders always line up perfectly!
The unique interlocking components allow you to choose a predesigned center while customizing the outer border with your own message. Or use our predesigned border and create your own center message. This unique stamp systems gives you great versatility. Use our font collection to expand your collection of stamping phrases and have the flexibilty to design your own custom phrases and sentiments for cards and scrapbooking.
How do our stamps work? JustRite stamps are designed with a wooden stamper with a unique grid system and all our stamps are designed to hold an interchangeable designer center and border. To assemble your stamping image, simply snap your border into place by holding it on the mount with one finger as your other finger pushes the border into the border groove. Then choose the center you want to coordinate with your border and snap into place. This is easiest done by starting at the bottom of the grid and gently snap the rib into the groove, working your way to the top by moving your fingers up the image.
If you are new to JustRite®, the perfect way to get started is with one of our monogramming sets. The Special Occasions, Damask or Curlz Deluxe sets are perfect. Each set includes a wood stamper, introductory font selection ( 95 point & 50 Point font) and a few versatile borders and centers, as shown in the photo above. With these sets you can design beautiful stationery like Sharon Johnson.So now you have a starter set and need to decide what to buy next. This is where I tell you that the next purchase depends on what your stamping style is. If you love all the projects you've seen with customized borders then you will need to add 6 point small letters to your stash. If you are intimidated by the size of those tiny letters then you should purchase the new 2" stamper with our 15 point font. It is one of my favorite font sizes.

This photo is a great example of the grid side of our stamper. The 2" stamper has a unique design that allows you to use all of your 1 5/8" centers and borders as well as our new 2" designs.

Here is a sample from Barb's Blog of how she used the 2" stamper with the 1 5/8" stamper images and then used the 15 point font that comes with the 2" stamper to design a custom message. What is very cool about this stamper is that you can also use it like one of our traditional stampers - with just a 2" designer image and a border. Use just the designer floral center and design your own message.

Or cheat a little and use one of our Celebration Demi Phrases for the upper half of the border and design your own message for the bottom half of the border.

Here is a sample of a demi phrase that we completed with the phrase "You always make me smile"
If you love the flexibility of our interchangeable designer centers and borders, your next purchase should be based on your personal stamping style. Simply pick your favorite JustRite stamp set and the corresponding size wood stamper.

Now if you are like me and you own drawers full of stamps but almost no verbiage then the next step is choosing your favorite font from the complete font sets in upper and lowercase. Each set comes with three sizes of alpha characters you can use to design endless monograms and phrases.

To create your sentiment use the Rectangular Stamper Set (JB-08110) or our Vertical Font Stamper Set (JB-08450). These wooden stampers will allow you to write a wide variety of words, sentences and sentiments in vertical and horizontal designs. Here are a few of my favorite cards using JustRite Font as the focal point.
This card is from Kimberly Crawford and uses the Vertical Stamper with 50 pt Brayton Font

This inspirational card from Debbie Olson using the Harmany Rectangular Stamper.

Or this beautiful personalized baby card from Barbara Schram using the vertical stamper to personalize her baby card.

We currently have 5 upper case fonts -Each uppercase font set contains 1 of each 95 point letter, 2 of each 50 point letter plus 25 point font ( with 3 of each letter with extras of key letters and numbers).
This year we have just expanded our font collection to include two lower case fonts- Trompe and Times New Roman. Please note that we will never have a lowercase font for Brayton- unfortunately one doesn't exist. For Brayton we recommend combining your 95 pt font and your 50 pt font to design your message.
Do you have any questions about our product that you would like answered? Simply post your question here and we will answer your questions this week.

Keep us in mind....."When it needs to be JustRite".


Jenna Franklin said...

Thanks! That was a GREAT informational post! (lol - and the eye candy didn't hurt either)

Elaine A said...

Oh this Q & A is so opportune! I have just purchased the 2" circle set with the flowers, an oval set, the rectangular set, 4 font sets, the Circle III Ensemble and the set of small letters. I tried using them the other day, got frustrated and put everything away. I tried using the oval set (bought the birthday set) and everytime I stamped it, the image did not come out crisp, in fact, the ink kept beading up on the stamp. Mind you, it took me a while to figure out how to get the center and the border in correctly so they stamped right side up - LOL! I then tried the rectangular stamper with a font set, and I just got nuts trying to figure out where to place the letters so the greeting printed correctly. As I said, after a while of this, I put everything away feeling extremely frustrated and very dumb. One - is there a trick to getting the images to stamp crisply and Two - is there an easy way to figure out where to place the letters on the rectangular (and the on the round stamps, the little letters to create your own saying)stamper so that they come out in the right order? Maybe its just me and I'm JustRite Stamp challenged, LOL. Is anyone else having this problem? Appreciate any tips you can offer.

Thanks - Elaine Allen

Jen T said...

GREAT info....something Just Rite Stamps should include in their shopping area of their site. I just made my first purchase and was concerned I was getting what I needed.
Haven't gotten the shipment yet but this post helped assure me I had made the right purchase.

Christina said...

Hi, can you use the pieces in the Monogram Self-Inking Stamper Kit 1 5/8" with your wood stamper as well? Or does it only work in the self-inking stamper? Thanks!

Barbara said...

Great information!! Thanks!
When I bought my first JutRite sets I ordered the sets that Sharon Johnson and Becca Feeken used in cards that I liked :)
Not much of a system, but it worked for me. When I got them I just made a card like theirs to understand how the stamps and fonts work. LOL

Shari said...

I just got the Damask kit, but I'm having a hard time getting both the border and the letter to stamp. The border is fine, but the letter either doesn't show at all or is partly there. I tried stamping on a mouse pad and it was a little better, but not crisp. Any suggestions?