Thursday, April 16, 2009

JustRite Self-Inking Monogram Stamper

Did you see the gorgeous Monogram cards from scraps on Debbies Blog?? Isn't this just Fabulous!! For more details visit Debbie's post.

Today we are going to talk about the JustRite Self- Inking Monogram Stamper and answer a few more questions about how our products work.

Currently we carry one 1 5/8" monogram self-inking stamper. All component pieces for the self-inking model and the 1 5/8" wooden stamper are compatible. You can use all of our 1 5/8" products with either our wooden stamper or with our self-inking stamper.

What does a self- inking stamper do differently than my wooden stamper?
A self-inking stamper enables you to make dozen of impressions in a matter of seconds. The self-inking stamper comes which a reversible pad which is inked black on one side and dry on the reverse side. When you receive your stamper the inkpad has been inserted with the dry side of the ink pad facing up.
How do I stamp my image using the monogram stamper?
To start stamping simply remove the ink pad and place it back into your stamper with the black ink side up. Chose a border and a designer center to design your image or a border and letters to design your monogram. Simply snap the stamps into place. Make sure they are fully locked into place. Flip the monogram stamper over and turn the writing on the black barrel toward you, using the palm of your hand press down on the top of the stamper and stamp your image. We recommend testing your image on scrap paper to ensure that all of your image is fully inked. If your image is not fully inked check to ensure that your stamp design is locked into place and flat.
To see exactly how the monogram stamper works visit this utube video by Taylor Van Bruggen.

With the monogram stamper it is simple to get a two color image. Simply purchase a two color ink pad and load the pad with two colors of ink. You can create this beautiful card in a matter of minutes for more details visit Taylor's blog.

You can find additonal answers for questions to using our monogram stamper in the FAQ section of our website.

What if I want to use a different ink color than black? Then simply apply your favorite dye based ink to the reverse side of the pad. Why does the ink need to be a dye based ink? The ink needs to be dye based because pigment based inks are too thick to be absorbed by the shammy -covered pad material.
How do I Ink my dry pad?
To ink your dry pad, remove the pad and apply a puddle which will be about a ¼ of your ink refill bottle to the pad (.13 oz). The ink must be a dye based ink refill. The shammy-covered pad material will evenly disperse the ink across the pad, while the foam pad underneath acts as a reservoir and dispenses ink as the stamp is used. A self-inking pad is considered fully inked when it is 60-70% full. Be careful not to over-ink the pad. For best stamping results allow the pad to sit for an hour after applying the re-inker, as this will allow the ink to fully disperse

How do I get a two color image? With the monogram stamper it is simple to get a two color image, simply purchase a two color ink pad. Load the outer border with one color ink and then load the center image with a second color ink. You can create this card in a matter of minutes for more details visit Taylor's blog.

What if I don't get a clean crisp impression?
First run your finger tip across the entire image and ensure that it is locked securely in place.
We recommend using a stamping mat to stamp on. It will improve the quality of all your stamped images from every manufacture. If one section of your image doesn't seem to be holding ink. (You find the ink beading on this section of our rubber) you may need to condition your stamps. Sharon Johnson has written a great tutorial on conditioning your stamps which tells you how to remove any of the residue left from the manufacturing process that may be left on the larger reversed out surfaces of our stamps. This tutorial applies to all our our stamped images not just our 1 5/8" sized products.

Do I have to condition all my JustRite Stamps?
Absolutely not. We have changed our manufacturing process and the new stamps introduced in this years collection should not require conditioning. You will also notice that in our 2009 designs we have far fewer reversed out images and lots more colorable images!! (Can you say addicted to Copic Markers??). As additional designs from 2008 are manufactured we anticipate less product will need conditioning.

This is a beautiful Wedding Invite designed by Taylor. For more details click here.

A JustRite Monogram Stamper is a perfect gift for someone who admires your stamping, but is intimidated to start stamping. It is the perfect solution for mass producing projects like monogram stationery gifts for your entire family or designing invitations for weddings, bridal showers and baby showers.
Keep us in mind....."When it needs to be JustRite".


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