Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Hopefuls

Great entries today and every day! You all make it sooooo hard to pick. I thought I would share with you how we go about picking the final six.
  1. Every day we go through all the comments and visit every link emailed to us including the blog links. We also browse the SCS gallery all day long compiling a running list of entries.
  2. Each night we call each other and review our favs of the day and surprisingly we ususally have the same people on our lists. Then we post the agreed upon daily "hopefuls".
  3. Every Thursday, after the Thursday "hopefuls" are determined the final list is emailed to our panel of 8 judges. By this time we have narrowed it down from approximately 100 entries to 12.
  4. Everyone on the panel votes and the top six winners make it on to the Stampin Champion finals.
  5. Then it's up to you, the people of the stamping world, to vote and crown the top three Stampin Champions.

So there you have it and I can assure you it is NOT easy at all. It is painfully difficult to critique the entries and only choose six out of 100 or more. Please don't take it personally and keep playing! Even if you don't make it into the finals you are still given a daily opportunity to win some gift certificates that will help pay for the items on your wish list. Either way you are still a winner in our book!

With that being said here are some projects that caught our attention today. This card is made by Andrea. I like how she used the monogram to spell out the word "Thanks".

Here is an altered candle made by ggsisco. I love how the personalized sentiment is a play on words that coordinates with the candle.

Tomorrow, this week's Top Six Stampin Champions will be listed and the voting will begin! It's a long weekend and you will have plenty of time to vote and stamp entries for next week. Next week is the final week and then all the finalist will have a "stamp off".

Congratulations to the following hopefuls. Please send an email to and include Thursday Winner in the subject line. All gift certificates from the week will be emailed on Friday. Any entries we receive over the weekend will be posted on Monday.








Lisa $15 **multiple winner**



"When it needs to be JustRite".....go for the Gold.

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