Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday Stampin' Champion Hopefuls

**Edited** If you are a winner you have to email as we don't have the ability to find some of you. Please check the list and send an email that you are a winner.

Tell two friends and they'll tell two friends and they'll tell two you all have a lot of friends that like to talk because today was an incredibly busy day in the JustRite Gallery. It is getting much harder to decide on "hopefuls" because you are all so incredibly talented. We had to recruit some JustRite Stampin Friends that are going to help us narrow down the "hopefuls" to the top five that will make it to the vote on Friday.

Congrats to the "hopefuls" listed below. Email and your gift certificate will be mailed to you.

Jami $5 Gift Certificate

Mustang Sarah $15 Gift Certificate **multiple winner**

Janet $5 Gift Certificate

Dana $5 Gift Certificate

Krista Wolf $5 Gift Certificate

Melissa Flieg $5 Gift Certificate

Katarina $5 Gift Certificate

Chelemom $5 Gift Certificate

Lisa Somerville $10 Gift Certificate **multiple winner**

Justansa $5 Gift Certificate

Jennifer $5 Gift Certificate

Julie Koerber $5 Gift Certificate

Andrea $5 Gift Certificate

Angie W $5 Gift Certificate

Jackie Kelley $5 Gift Certificate

Keep us in mind....."When it needs to be JustRite".


chelemom said...

Here are some more notecards for school!

Amy said...

Here's a link for my newest JR Stamper project!!!


Dana's Dabbling Studio said...

Here's my project for today. I hope to have time to add another one. This is so much fun!