Saturday, August 2, 2008

Monogram Questions and Answers

Thanks for following along this week with our Monogram Etiquette series. I think most of the questions were answered as each day progressed. I have posted answers to some questions below and will be posting more information regarding punches. Below I addressed the Nestabilites questions.

Sue_W said...
Thanks for the lesson in Monogram Etiquette. Lessons learned are always good. ;-)What I want to know, however, is what was used to cut out the monogrammed circles and the layered pieces? Were they punches? die cuts? Nestabilities? And what sizes were used?

Answer: On day one, Nestabilities Classic Circles and Scallops were used for the Beth and BRT card. The B card was punched with SU circle and scalloped punches.

Mary said...
Want to clear up any confusion out there on a monogram for a couple? That is, does the husband or wife's first initial go first? I have seen it done both ways, but I THINK I know that only one is "right." Thanks!

Answer: Ladies first when it comes to monogramming.

Alexis said...I would like to know what size punches you use to cut out the momogram for the C-45. Thanks!

Answer: The Large Monogram Stamper (formerly known as the C-45) measures 1 5/8" in diameter. I use the Nestabilities Circle that is the third ring on the Large Circle Set. For the mat I use the fourth circle on the Small Circle Set and for the Scallop I use the third scallop on the Large Scallop Set. Depending on how much scallop you want showing the third scallop on the Small Scallop set works too.

Above is the third ring on the Large Circles. I like to see all of my JustRite border once it is cut out so I opt to use the circle that give me enough white space around the stamped border.
Above you can see the cut layers starting left to right the third ring from the Large set, the fourth ring from the Small set and the third ring from the Large Scallop set.
Here is an example of the monogram cut and layered with the sizes I described above.

Vera Matson said...
I love your series on monogram etiquette! I have a question. I love to make monogrammed note cards for gifts. When making gifts for acquaintances such as teachers, what is the most appropriate type of monogram to use? I often don't know the middle initial of the teachers, so should I make first or last initial gift cards? Thanks!

Answer: That is a good question and also a personal judgement call for you. Either way is appropriate for stationary. So if you are making a gift for someone and don't know thier name you can decide if you want to use their first or last initial as your single monogram.

One question that did not come up was who's initial do you use when giving a monogrammed note card....your's or the recipient's? It should be your monogram on the note card that you are mailing or attaching to a gift. It is your personal stationary and you are writing inside the card so it should carry your initials on the front.

Thank you for joining us as we build a community of education, creativity and inspiration touching on every special moment in your life. Keep us in mind....."When it needs to be JustRite".


Alexis said...

Thank you for answering my question! I currently do not have any Nestabilities but plan on purchasing some!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Very cool D!! Thanks for all the extra info and tidbits!

Linda w said...

Two more questions. How would you make a monogram if the last name is hyphenated? And what do you do when the last name has 2 parts like Van Something?

maryps said...

What do you use to punch out the Harmony Classic Oval II stamps?

maryps said...
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Anonymous said...

How do you do a monogrammed card set for a female doctor? i.e. Dr. Beth Cord (female doctors keep using their name they had when graduated, and is her maiden name). Her married last name is different.

Also, how do you do a monogram when the woman keeps her maiden name, and with a hyphen then adds her husbands last name i.e. she is now Susan Reily-Platt, as are all the kids (Reily is her maiden last name, Platt is his last name).

What inks work best with your wooden stampers, I can't wait to try my 1st out!! Thanks so much