Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Stampin Champion Hopefuls

**Edited** I apologize to Heidi Blankenship who was accidentally left of the Thursday "hopefuls" list. After going over the lists and reviewing my notes that I check over and over {for fear of forgeting someone} I caught my mistake this morning. Congratulations Heidi!

**FYI**Tomorrow is the big day for voting. If you are a Top Five Hopeful you need to let everyone know that you need them to come to the JustRite blog and vote for you! Voting will be open from Friday through 9 pm EST on Tuesday.

We will not be giving away any gift certificates over the weekend. {We need a little break and you need some stampin time.} On Monday we will resume with the next round of competition. That will give you plenty of time to reveiw the entries in our gallery and stamp your heart out over the weekend. Next week we will be adding a twist to the competition and providing some daily challenges.

Finally, thanks for all the entries and wow'ing us with your talent {we received entries as far away as Australia}. Narrowing this down to the top five is going to be brutally painful for us. If you don't make it this week you are still eligible next week.

Congrats to the winners below! Please email and your gift certificates will be emailed to you. Also, if you have been a winner during the week and have not received your gift certificate yet please send an email.

Julie $5 Gift Certificate

Nancy K $5 Gift Certificate

Gerri Johnnic $5 Gift Certificate

Lisa Somerville $15 **multiple winner**

Andrea $15 **multiple winner**

Dana $5 Gift Certificate

Armywife $5 Gift Certificate

AMY $5 Gift Certificate

Jackie Kelley $10 **multiple winner**

Chelemom $10 **multiple winner**

Joan Ervin $5 Gift Certificate

*Edited* Heidi Blankenship $5 Gift Certificate

Keep us in mind....."When it needs to be JustRite".

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Jennifer said...

I sent in my email verrrrry early this morning (LOL, 12:59 a.m.--I was a little excited and just couldn't wait!), but that email was returned.