Saturday, August 23, 2008

Keep the Votes Coming!

Wow...every time I check the blog the numbers surge more and more. Thanks for participating and make sure you encourage your friends to vote for their favorites too. We have until Tuesday evening and it would be awesome if we could get over 1,000 votes.

Speaking of votes, yes we know that the numbers are cut off and not completely showing. After doing some research on blogger the gadget has supposedly been "improved" to automatically adjust the pixels to any blog template being used. Obviously, they need to still work on it.

Visually the poll has issues but statistically it is working. If you click and roll your mouse over the the bar the number and percentage will highlight and you can see the full line of statiscs. As of 9:00 PM here are the numbers when I click on them.

Amy Westerman- 130- 17%
Michele Kovack- 177- 24%
Heidi Blankenship- 63- 8%
Suzanne Dean- 121- 16%
Lisa Somerville- 88- 12%
Katarina M- 148- 20%

"When it needs to be JustRite". ....go for the Gold!

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