Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blog Candy Celebration- Make a JustRite Wish.

Today we are celebrating our counter hitting 300,000 visits!! The rules are simple... we know everyone is spending their discretionary $$ wisely ...which means as Moms we probably have thinks on our Wish List that we haven't purchased yet- Right?? Well today could be your lucky day - Simply leave us a comment telling us which JustRite Item is at the Top of your Wish list (pick from our Current collection, New or Coming Soon) and what you want to make with it and if the random #generator picks your number - JustRite will send you the JustRite item you wished for. For every 200 comments we get we will add another let the Wishing Begin!!

Last night blogger was having some photo up load here are the photos of the 2 3/8" stamper with a stamp from the Birthday Wishes Set so you can see how the two products work together.
This photo shows the center from the Birthday Wishes inserted into the new 2 3/8" stamper. Note that the center of these stamps will fit in your existing 2 5/16" stamper, but your borders would not.

We have designed the new block so that the border will accept 25 point font. 25 point font has a two legged configuration - which required us to design a new border configuration like the one shown above.When you go to insert the designer borders from the new 2 3/8" stamp sets you will need to insert the border in the border nearest the center as shown in the photo above.

Here is a font compatibility chart which tells you which stampers have font compatible borders and what size font is recommended for each of those bordersYou will find this chart and getting started instructions in the center fold out of the artwork sheet which comes in the blister packaging of our new products. We recommend placing the chart in your design notebook for easy reference.

Your chance to make a wish and win blog candy expires at Midnight on May 1st (Friday). I will announce the winner on Saturday!! Remember you can double or triple your chances of winning by telling your friends to visit our blog and leave a comment on this post!!

Good luck Everyone!! And thank you for stopping by and visiting!!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Age doesn't's all about STYLE- 2 3/8" stamp designs

Today we are previewing our newest birthday set - Birthday Wishes which is designed to fit our new 2 3/8" Stamper and is part of our 2nd CHA Release which is available for pre-order now. Stamps sets ship May 15th.

Becca Feeken has created an absolutely gorgeous birthday card using this set is a little sneak peek

To see the full card and a complete tutorial on how she created this fabulous card visit her blog.

Or go to our JustRite Google Reader and click on the JustRite Birthday Wishes - Amazing Paper Grace- which will also bring you to her blog. If you haven't had a chance to visit the JustRite Google Reader since last is a must do!! Our design team has been on fire!! Lots of great projects with our newest stamp sets!!
Here are a few sneak peeks....view the JustRite Google reader to find the complete posts:

This simply elegant card from Debbie Olson using our Tiny Word set.This super cool project from Sharon Harnist - a perfect project to help your kids count down the days to Summer Break. What a great new family tradition!! Sharon used an image from our new Favorite Occasion set designed to fit in your 1 5/8" stamper.
Then we have this simply elegant card from Sharon Johnson's Friday Stamp Simply Challenge!!

Or this beautiful Mother's Day gift from Lisa Somerville

Are your creative juices flowing yet?? We have tons of inspiration coming your way over the next two weeks! With the help of some of our favorite designers we are planning to knock your socks off !! As you will soon see ...your JustRite Wish List will be rapidly growing.

Oh yeah ...back to the post... The Birthday Wishes Stamp Ensemble set is designed to go with our new 2 3/8" block. This is a fun new block comes with Times New Roman 25 point font which fits on the the border of this new block. It therefore has 2 rims (since 25 point has 2 legs on the back side of it).

The borders from this set are designed to fit in the first rim. I have some more photos showing this new block to share with you. But I am experiencing photo upload issues with blogger at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to upload them tomorrow. Stop back for our Blog Candy Celebration - Wahoo!! We hit 300,000 hits!!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Introducing Tiny Words - Life Happens Just Laugh

Our Second Release from CHA is now available in stores - click here for the list of stores. The 2nd release is available for pre-order on our website - we will begin shipping the second release on May 15th.
Doesn't everyone just need this fun stamp from our New Tiny Word Set designed to coordinate with our new 1 3/16" stamper. "Life Happens..Just Laugh" is the perfect sentiment for designing this fun belly band for a mini clear pail. And what better way to cheer up then nibbling on a few gourmet jelly beans!! I love the petite new size stamp- as did everyone shopping who stopped by our booth at CHA. As several store owners stated it is"CUTE AS A BUTTON".

This set comes with 10 designer borders - (all of which can be used in conjunction with your recipe set) as well as 10 designer centers. This size stamp is also the perfect size for custom designing your own paper. Which is exactly what I did for this fun project.

I placed a quarter in this photo so that you could see just how small this block actually is.

Our Design team is very busy creating wonderful projects with the new release stamp sets. You can see more projects using this set by visiting the following blogs:
This is the back side of Sharon's fun Seed packet project - to see her full project and instructions visit her blog No Time to Stamp.

You can see Barbara Schram's project for her grandson's christening by visiting the JustRite Google reader located at the right of this post. Just click on Jesus said ...from explore, dream, discover. New JustRite Projects are added daily to the JustRite Google Reader.

Did you see that our counter is quickly approaching 300,000 blog hits!! As soon as it does ...we will celebrate with blog candy from the new collection. So stop in later this week for treats!!

Keep us in mind....."When it needs to be JustRite".

Friday, April 17, 2009

Did you know JustRite Stamps are Color Coded? More FAQS

Did you know that JustRite Stamps are color coded?
That's right we have color coded our stamps. Since July 2008 we have color coded each size of our wooden stampers. The rubber grid on the wooden stamper is color coded to match the color rubber of the coordinating size designer centers and borders stamps. Remember Granimals? ( they have a very clever little jingle on their site- sure to make you chuckle...and remember when they first were introduced on the market). It is the same basic principal. For example our 1 5/8" stamper, designer centers and borders are all purple. Our new 2" stamper is also purple because it accepts all the 1 5/8" product. Our 2 3/8" stamper is pink, our 3 1/4" stamper is green and our new 1 3/16" stamper is gray. Our new blister packaging will make it even easier for you to shop in your favorite store, because you will actually be able to see the stamps in the package. So if you have a 1 5/8" stamper just remember that you need purple stamps!!

The exception to the rule: Our Fonts come in different colors too but you can use any font in any size of our stampers. Font is interchangeable with all our products. However 95 point font is too large to fit in the 1 3/16th" stamper. We have given each of our fonts a color so that it is easier to put away your letters once you have used them.

Is it okay to trim my JustRite Stamps? Yes, for certain images we actually recommend trimming you stamps just like you trimmed your SU Stamps. In our original stamp designs we had large areas of rubber without any graphic images. Since our stamps are not deeply etched it is very easy to over ink your stamp. You will get a much cleaner impression if you trim some of your stamps close to the graphic images. See the stamps that Sharon Johnson trimmed in the above photo. Notice the color coding. Want more information on how to correctly cut your stamp images? Scroll to the bottom of Sharon's conditioning post to find all the details.

Have a great weekend. If you have any additional questions you would like answered simply post your question in the comment section of this post.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

JustRite Self-Inking Monogram Stamper

Did you see the gorgeous Monogram cards from scraps on Debbies Blog?? Isn't this just Fabulous!! For more details visit Debbie's post.

Today we are going to talk about the JustRite Self- Inking Monogram Stamper and answer a few more questions about how our products work.

Currently we carry one 1 5/8" monogram self-inking stamper. All component pieces for the self-inking model and the 1 5/8" wooden stamper are compatible. You can use all of our 1 5/8" products with either our wooden stamper or with our self-inking stamper.

What does a self- inking stamper do differently than my wooden stamper?
A self-inking stamper enables you to make dozen of impressions in a matter of seconds. The self-inking stamper comes which a reversible pad which is inked black on one side and dry on the reverse side. When you receive your stamper the inkpad has been inserted with the dry side of the ink pad facing up.
How do I stamp my image using the monogram stamper?
To start stamping simply remove the ink pad and place it back into your stamper with the black ink side up. Chose a border and a designer center to design your image or a border and letters to design your monogram. Simply snap the stamps into place. Make sure they are fully locked into place. Flip the monogram stamper over and turn the writing on the black barrel toward you, using the palm of your hand press down on the top of the stamper and stamp your image. We recommend testing your image on scrap paper to ensure that all of your image is fully inked. If your image is not fully inked check to ensure that your stamp design is locked into place and flat.
To see exactly how the monogram stamper works visit this utube video by Taylor Van Bruggen.

With the monogram stamper it is simple to get a two color image. Simply purchase a two color ink pad and load the pad with two colors of ink. You can create this beautiful card in a matter of minutes for more details visit Taylor's blog.

You can find additonal answers for questions to using our monogram stamper in the FAQ section of our website.

What if I want to use a different ink color than black? Then simply apply your favorite dye based ink to the reverse side of the pad. Why does the ink need to be a dye based ink? The ink needs to be dye based because pigment based inks are too thick to be absorbed by the shammy -covered pad material.
How do I Ink my dry pad?
To ink your dry pad, remove the pad and apply a puddle which will be about a ¼ of your ink refill bottle to the pad (.13 oz). The ink must be a dye based ink refill. The shammy-covered pad material will evenly disperse the ink across the pad, while the foam pad underneath acts as a reservoir and dispenses ink as the stamp is used. A self-inking pad is considered fully inked when it is 60-70% full. Be careful not to over-ink the pad. For best stamping results allow the pad to sit for an hour after applying the re-inker, as this will allow the ink to fully disperse

How do I get a two color image? With the monogram stamper it is simple to get a two color image, simply purchase a two color ink pad. Load the outer border with one color ink and then load the center image with a second color ink. You can create this card in a matter of minutes for more details visit Taylor's blog.

What if I don't get a clean crisp impression?
First run your finger tip across the entire image and ensure that it is locked securely in place.
We recommend using a stamping mat to stamp on. It will improve the quality of all your stamped images from every manufacture. If one section of your image doesn't seem to be holding ink. (You find the ink beading on this section of our rubber) you may need to condition your stamps. Sharon Johnson has written a great tutorial on conditioning your stamps which tells you how to remove any of the residue left from the manufacturing process that may be left on the larger reversed out surfaces of our stamps. This tutorial applies to all our our stamped images not just our 1 5/8" sized products.

Do I have to condition all my JustRite Stamps?
Absolutely not. We have changed our manufacturing process and the new stamps introduced in this years collection should not require conditioning. You will also notice that in our 2009 designs we have far fewer reversed out images and lots more colorable images!! (Can you say addicted to Copic Markers??). As additional designs from 2008 are manufactured we anticipate less product will need conditioning.

This is a beautiful Wedding Invite designed by Taylor. For more details click here.

A JustRite Monogram Stamper is a perfect gift for someone who admires your stamping, but is intimidated to start stamping. It is the perfect solution for mass producing projects like monogram stationery gifts for your entire family or designing invitations for weddings, bridal showers and baby showers.
Keep us in mind....."When it needs to be JustRite".

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Started with JustRite Stamps- What should I buy first?

I get questions everyday- because people want to make their first JustRite Purchase but they just don't know where to start. So this week I thought I would try to address some of those questions so that those of you who haven't purchased yet will take the plunge and join in the fun.
First I thought I'd start by sharing this fun card from Barb Schram. If you haven't visited Barb's blog yet it is a must see. Barb uses our stamps on most of her projects and personalizes many of her projects which she designs for gifts.
I think of our stamps as tools not stamps because they were designed to be used everyday in conjunction with your favorite stamps. We are all looking for ways to save money and JustRite Stamps will help you do just that. It is the Perfect "Design –it Yourself" stamping system. JustRite's® unique wood stampers with an interlocking ribbed grid surface allows you to design your own stamps. Choose from a selection of interchangeable fonts, borders and centers. Each stamp design has a matching interlocking grid which securely locks into place in the grid system on the wooden block. This interlocking system ensures precision stamping. Fonts and geometric borders always line up perfectly!
The unique interlocking components allow you to choose a predesigned center while customizing the outer border with your own message. Or use our predesigned border and create your own center message. This unique stamp systems gives you great versatility. Use our font collection to expand your collection of stamping phrases and have the flexibilty to design your own custom phrases and sentiments for cards and scrapbooking.
How do our stamps work? JustRite stamps are designed with a wooden stamper with a unique grid system and all our stamps are designed to hold an interchangeable designer center and border. To assemble your stamping image, simply snap your border into place by holding it on the mount with one finger as your other finger pushes the border into the border groove. Then choose the center you want to coordinate with your border and snap into place. This is easiest done by starting at the bottom of the grid and gently snap the rib into the groove, working your way to the top by moving your fingers up the image.
If you are new to JustRite®, the perfect way to get started is with one of our monogramming sets. The Special Occasions, Damask or Curlz Deluxe sets are perfect. Each set includes a wood stamper, introductory font selection ( 95 point & 50 Point font) and a few versatile borders and centers, as shown in the photo above. With these sets you can design beautiful stationery like Sharon Johnson.So now you have a starter set and need to decide what to buy next. This is where I tell you that the next purchase depends on what your stamping style is. If you love all the projects you've seen with customized borders then you will need to add 6 point small letters to your stash. If you are intimidated by the size of those tiny letters then you should purchase the new 2" stamper with our 15 point font. It is one of my favorite font sizes.

This photo is a great example of the grid side of our stamper. The 2" stamper has a unique design that allows you to use all of your 1 5/8" centers and borders as well as our new 2" designs.

Here is a sample from Barb's Blog of how she used the 2" stamper with the 1 5/8" stamper images and then used the 15 point font that comes with the 2" stamper to design a custom message. What is very cool about this stamper is that you can also use it like one of our traditional stampers - with just a 2" designer image and a border. Use just the designer floral center and design your own message.

Or cheat a little and use one of our Celebration Demi Phrases for the upper half of the border and design your own message for the bottom half of the border.

Here is a sample of a demi phrase that we completed with the phrase "You always make me smile"
If you love the flexibility of our interchangeable designer centers and borders, your next purchase should be based on your personal stamping style. Simply pick your favorite JustRite stamp set and the corresponding size wood stamper.

Now if you are like me and you own drawers full of stamps but almost no verbiage then the next step is choosing your favorite font from the complete font sets in upper and lowercase. Each set comes with three sizes of alpha characters you can use to design endless monograms and phrases.

To create your sentiment use the Rectangular Stamper Set (JB-08110) or our Vertical Font Stamper Set (JB-08450). These wooden stampers will allow you to write a wide variety of words, sentences and sentiments in vertical and horizontal designs. Here are a few of my favorite cards using JustRite Font as the focal point.
This card is from Kimberly Crawford and uses the Vertical Stamper with 50 pt Brayton Font

This inspirational card from Debbie Olson using the Harmany Rectangular Stamper.

Or this beautiful personalized baby card from Barbara Schram using the vertical stamper to personalize her baby card.

We currently have 5 upper case fonts -Each uppercase font set contains 1 of each 95 point letter, 2 of each 50 point letter plus 25 point font ( with 3 of each letter with extras of key letters and numbers).
This year we have just expanded our font collection to include two lower case fonts- Trompe and Times New Roman. Please note that we will never have a lowercase font for Brayton- unfortunately one doesn't exist. For Brayton we recommend combining your 95 pt font and your 50 pt font to design your message.
Do you have any questions about our product that you would like answered? Simply post your question here and we will answer your questions this week.

Keep us in mind....."When it needs to be JustRite".

Link to Laurie Schmidlin Recipe Box Tutorial

During this month's JustRite Week at Stamper's Dream Laurie Schmidlin designed a fabulous recipe box. Today on her blog she has been kind enough to post a great tutorial on how she created her recipe box. To view the complete tutorial click here.

Wait til you see all the cards in Laurie's Recipe Box!! Just gorgeous!!!

Here is the link to Laurie's first Recipe Box that she shared with us during Stamper's Dream JustRite Week!! Wnat to start your recipe box with recipes from Laurie's Kitchen? You can click here to find her recipes for Strawberry Spinach Salad & Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Keep us in mind....."When it needs to be JustRite".

Saturday, April 11, 2009

JustRite Retirement Sale- 40 to 50% off Oval I Products

I know it doesn't seem like we are old enough to have a retirement sale, but as we grow and develop new products we will occasionally retire some of our collection. What does that mean for you the consumer? It means you have one last chance to purchase the following items at 40- 50% off. When they are gone!! They are gone forever!! We are retiring all our Oval I stamp images and our Chique Stamper & Sonnet Stampers ( both self- inkers are already soldout).
Birthday Stamp Ensemble:

JB-08200-Birthday Stamp Ensemble -6 borders & 6 centers-
Use with 1 3/8 x 2 1/8" Oval Wooden Stamper (not included).

Regular price $11.95 - Retirement Price - $6.00
Fits Wooden Stamper: JB-08118 - Harmony Classic Oval I 1 3/8 x 2 1/8”

JB-08118 -Harmony Classic Oval Stamper I 1 3/8 x 2 1/8" (Blister Pack)Wood Mount Only compatible with Birthday Stamper Ensemble (JB-08200) & Harmony Classic Oval Stamper I Ensemble (JB-08160)
Regular Price -$8.95 Retirement Sale Price $4.00

Harmony Classic Oval I Stamp Ensemble:

JB-08160-Harmony Classic Oval I Stamp Ensemble 1-3/8 x 2-1/8"
6 Interchangeable Borders & 6 Interchangeable Centers
Includes 1-3/8" x 2-1/8" Oval Wood Mount
Original Price $14.95 Retirement Sale Price - $9.00

THE Chique Oval self-inking monogram stamper & the Sonnet self-inking monogram stamper is are already enjoying retirement. We are sold out of both items. If you are still interested in purchasing one of these self- inkers visit Taylored Expressions. She has a few left in her store on sale.

Why are we retiring the Oval I wooden stamper and coordinating stamps? Because soon we will be introducing a new small oval stamper which will be compatiable with your Spellbinders Oval Nestabilites and it will have a border that will accept 6pt and 15 pt font. Look for the new size oval and new stamp images in July.
Will my existing oval center fit in the new oval? Yes - it will fit in the center grid system, but since the new oval has a different oval shape and a new rim configuration your borders will not be interchangeable.
Where on your website can I find all the retired items? In our dollar store which you can visit by clicking here.
Are there any other great items left in the Dollar Store? Yes - but only these three items:

• Taller letters measure apprx. 1" x 1"• Individually mounted letters stack on top of each other• Comes neatly stacked in a clear carrying case
Original Price -$24.95 Now Just -$5.00

• Letters measure apprx. 1" x 1"• Pre-inked in black archival safe & acid free ink• No stamp pad needed!• Individually mounted letters stack on top of each other• Comes neatly stacked in a clear carrying case
Original Price $29.95 Now just $5.oo

• Letters measure apprx. 1" x 1"• Pre-inked in black archival safe & acid free ink• No stamp pad needed!• Individually mounted letters stack on top of each other• Comes neatly stacked in a clear carrying case
Original Price-$29.95 Now just $5.00

SUPPLIES Of ALL THREE TYPEWRITER LETTERS ARE LIMITED. So hurry now before they are gone forever!!
Keep us in mind....."When it needs to be JustRite".