Monday, July 7, 2008

Designer Centers and Borders

**This post has been edited with answer at the bottom**The first sneak peek this week is our new Designer Centers and Borders which includes 10 centers and 10 borders. The borders are the same as the existing borders from all our current sets but now come with 10 centers. This is a great all occassion set that can meet so many of your stamping needs. These ten interchangeable borders and centers will allow you to make 100 different designs with just one set…plus endless monogram possibilities. Click on the picture above for a closer view of the variety given in this grouping.

The centers are circular buttons that have the same interlocking grid pattern on the back. They just snap into the center of your border ring on the Monogram Stamper. The centers and borders can be used on both the self inking stamper or the wooden block that comes with the Accessory Kits.

Speaking of the Monogram Stamper here is a sneak peek at the new and improved Monogram Stamper. Same quality self inking stamper just jazzed up a little with green buttons on the side and the new logo printed on the top.

Here are some cards that were made with the new Designer Centers and Borders. Again, these borders and centers are interchangeable and fit with the Large Monogram Stamper, formerly known as the C-45, or the wooden blocks.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for a sneak peek at our new Stamper. Yes, I said new stamper! There is more than one addition to our family of stampers and you are going to be tickled pink when you see it!

We look forward to building a stamping relationship with you!

Question: Are the centers available without the rings? Why do I have to get duplicates of the rings I already have?
Answer: From a manufacturing point it was easier for us to produce the centers with the borders. You are not being charged any extra for the borders and consider them a bonus with the set.

Question: Now that you have a "new and improved" Monogram Stamper will my current stamper be obselete? Do I need to purchase a new stamper to work with the new items being released?
Answer: The only thing that is "new and improved" is the color of the buttons and the new logo on the top. The stamper is the same shape and size as well as same quality. Nothing about the design or mechanics has changed other than color. It is not necessary to purchase a new stamper because everything in our current product line is completely compatible and interchangeable with the new product line.

Question: When will these new products become available and where can I purchase them?
Answer: The new products we are showing you are tentatively scheduled to be available mid August. You can purchase any JustRite products at our store located at but you can always ask your favorite store to carry our products too. Also, please check our JustRite Shopping links on the right side of our blog. We have listed some your favorite online stores that carry JustRite products.


Andrea said...

How cool! Great set! Congrats to you!

Jennifer Love said...

Too cool! Can't wait to see more. :)

Otter said...

OH YEAH!!!!!

-Amy said...

Love the centers, but I already have all the borders.... It seems that we should be able to just buy the centers? It seems silly to pay more money for something I already have.... JMHO.

Anonymous said...

Love the centers! I was just thinking today (when I saw the SU sneak peek) that JustRite needed centers. I agree with Amy though, I would like to buy just the centers. I'm guessing that the next sneak peek is an oval stamper based on a blogpost I read? We'll see! :)

Diana said...

I can't wait until these are available to us consumers. they are soooo neat.

PatGLex said...

LOVE the new set! This will be a must-have. (I'm starting to save up for it right now!)

Teolinda said...

The centers are a great idea! I agree with the others that I hope we are able to purchase just the centers. :) (I already own all of the borders and I don't believe that I will need duplicates.)

Monika/Buzsy said...

Awesome set! Love the different greetings!

Tami said...

ooohhh..I liiiiike!!