Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Questions and Answers

So many questions and so many answers. I have edited the individual posts to answer your many questions but I am going to post them here as a grouping too.

Question: Are the centers available without the rings? Why do I have to get duplicates of the rings I already have?
Answer: From a manufacturing point it was easier for us to produce the centers with the borders. You are not being charged any extra for the borders and consider them a bonus with the set.

Question: I already have the Curlz alphabet. Can I purchase just the small 25 pt font that comes with the new Sonnet Stamper Kit?
Answer: No, the 25 pt font will not be available separately. However, the entire font set (all three sizes) will be available for purchase as a complete set with 296 characters that will now include Curlz numbers, letters and symbols. Extra letters are always nice when you are spelling out personalized sentiments.

Question: Now that you have a "new and improved" Monogram Stamper will my current stamper be obselete? Do I need to purchase a new stamper to work with the new items being released?
Answer: The only thing that is "new and improved" is the color of the buttons and the new logo on the top. The stamper is the same shape and size as well as same quality. Nothing about the design or mechanics has changed other than color. It is not necessary to purchase a new stamper because everything in our current product line is completely compatible and interchangeable with the new product line.

Question: Is the Sonnet Stamper Kit any different than the Monogram Stamper Kit? Will the Sonnet Stamper replace the Monogram Stamper?
Answer: The differences between the two kits is the color of the stampers (black and pink) and the fonts, centers and borders included with each kit. The Monogram Stamper (black) will come with the original Times New Roman font and the Sonnet Stamper (pink) will come with the Curlz font. No the Sonnet Stamper Kit will not replace the Monogram Stamper Kit, both kits will be available for purchase.

Question: When will these new products become available and where can I purchase them?
Answer: The new products we are showing you are tentatively scheduled to be available mid August. You can purchase any JustRite products at our store located at http://www.justritestampers.com/ but you can always ask your favorite store to carry our products too. Also, please check our JustRite Shopping links on the right side of our blog. We have listed some your favorite online stores that carry JustRite products.

Hope these answers help and provide enough information for you to make your wishlist. Keep coming back as we have more items to share throughout the week.

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