Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sonnet Stamper Sneak Peek

**This post has been edited at the bottom with answers.**

Today we are very excited to introduce the new Sonnet Stamper which is the same size as the black Monogram Stamper (1 5/8) but there's a twist. Obviously, she {yes, I have named them Mr. and Mrs.} is pink but she comes with the newly expanded Curlz font set which includes 296 characters, letters, numbers, symbols and flourishes. We have added a third size font to the alphabet which is going to take personalization to a whole new level! Included are 95 pt, 50 pt and 25 pt. Please click the photo below for a larger view.

In the Sonnet Stamper Kit you will also receive a new set of centers and borders. This set is a great set for making personalized greeting cards or using in your scrapbooks as well. Can't you see that Too Cute button on a baby page or the Friends Forever on a girly page? You are only limited by your imagination!

Also, all new products which come in the 1 5/8" size will now come in a purple colored rubber. Yes, we had to color code our products now because there are so many different sizes and shapes being introduced.

And here are some great samples created by Kellie Fortin to get your creative juices flowing. Keep coming back all week as we will continue with our sneak peeks and solve the color coding mystery as well. We have great things "cooking" up here at JustRite!

Come join us as we build a community of educatioin, creativity and inspiration touching on every special moment in your life. Keep us in mind....."When it needs to be JustRite".

Question: I already have the Curlz alphabet. Can I purchase just the small 25 pt font that comes with the new Sonnet Stamper Kit?
Answer: No, the 25 pt font will not be available separately. However, the entire font set (all three sizes) will be available for purchase as a complete set with 296 characters that will now include Curlz numbers, letters and symbols. Extra letters are always nice when you are spelling out personalized sentiments.

Question: Is the Sonnet Stamper Kit any different than the Monogram Stamper Kit? Will the Sonnet Stamper replace the Monogram Stamper?
Answer: The differences between the two kits is the color of the stampers (black and pink) and the fonts, centers and borders included with each kit. The Monogram Stamper (black) will come with the original Times New Roman font and the Sonnet Stamper (pink) will come with the Curlz font. No the Sonnet Stamper Kit will not replace the Monogram Stamper Kit, both kits will be available for purchase.

Question: When will these new products become available and where can I purchase them?
Answer: The new products we are showing you are tentatively scheduled to be available mid August. You can purchase any JustRite products at our store located at http://www.justritestampers.com/ but you can always ask your favorite store to carry our products too. Also, please check our JustRite Shopping links on the right side of our blog. We have listed some your favorite online stores that carry JustRite products.


Susan said...

Love it. Will it be avaiable for sale with out the stamper. Susan

Mary Dawn said...

you've got to stop doin' this to me!!! LOL this is awesome, and i'm actually glad now that i've put off buying the original, cause now i'll have it in PINK

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

we can use this for our regular Justrite stamper - correct? When will be for sale?

Tink said...

8When can we buy it? What will it sell for?

Beth said...

Similar question- can we purchase "just the rubber" so we can use the fonts,etc. with our current Just Rite Stamper. Also, just wanted to let you know that I used my Stamper to personalize some quick goody bags for my DD 11th birthday (waiting 'til the last minute, of course.) They turned out so... cute and all the girls said it was the prettiest goody bag they had ever had. Unfortunately, being in a hurry, I didn't get a photo! Awesome product!

Andrea said...

T-rific! Love the font and new borders!

Vickilyn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! And I have the same questions as everybody else - when can I get it and how much will it cost!!

Kylie S said...

Pink!! You've sold me! I have been looking at your stamps on blogs and loved everything I have seen. Now it comes in PINK - I'm in heaven! LOL