Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monogram Etiquette Part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of Monogram Etiquette. Thanks for all the comments and questions. Again, if your questions aren't answered over the course of this week there will be a full Q and A on Friday to address anything that wasn't directly covered each day. So keep the questions and comments coming. When monogramming for a couple it is customary to place the first letter of the couple's last name in the middle. This should be done with the largest size font and the woman's first initial should be in a smaller font to the left and the man's first initial should in a smaller font to the right.

Just remember when it comes to monogramming....ladies first! I know this is confusing because when the letter is addressed it is Mr. and Mrs. but when it comes to monogramming.... again....ladies first.
In this example, the monogram is for Diane and William Bradley is DBW. Diane is first on the left, William is on the right and the large B for Bradley is in the middle.

This monogram was made using the Special Occasions Font Kit which comes with a wooden block for manual stamping.
If the woman keeps her maiden name and takes the man's name after marriage you would place the first letter of the man's last name in the middle and with a larger font. The letter of the woman's first name to the left and the letter of her maiden name to the right.

In this example, the monogram for Diane Smith Bradley is DBS. Diane on the left, Smith on the right and Bradley in the middle.

This monogram was made using the Special Occasions Font and the self inking Large Round Monogram Stamper. Also, I opted for no border and just letters with this monogram.

**Note** Another option is to use the single initial monogram to represent the last name of the married couple. In this case the letter B would be used to monogram the last name of the Bradley's.

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Keri Lee Sereika said...

Oh yes these are fun projects! Another thing to add to my ever growing list! Why did I ever subscribe to this blog??? LOL

mamichelle said...

Oooh, I guess I was wrong about the man being first. Thank you for clearing that up!

pmb1121 said...

I have always wanted to do monograms but was not sure of the 'rules'. Thanks so much for clearing this up. I ordered 2 kits yesterday and can not wait 'till they come. I ordered the wedding one also but I will have to wait a while for that...

Michelle said...

SOOO helpful!!! I love the color combo..GORGEOUS!!Off to make some right now!


emilymomto3boys said...

Fabulous color combo! I just made some like that too!